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Our Chef – Jovani Rangel

Driftwood Seafood Restaurant Aruba

He started his culinary journey at an early age of seventeen in the hospitality industry in Venezuela where he was born and raised.
After establishing himself in Aruba twenty-two years ago, he has continued to grow his passion for sea food and Aruban cuisine.
Jovani has been working with driftwood restaurant in Aruba for the past fifteen years offering mouthwatering cuisines for the sea food lovers and contributing in making driftwood as the best sea food restaurant in Aruba.

Popular Dishes

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Our Team Members

The team efficiency has increased due to these members aiming to deliver high standard and quality-based services at Driftwood restaurant in Aruba
Gerald Fontaine
Head Waiter

For the past 19 years Gerald has been welcoming the guests at driftwood. He is always ready to make you feel like at home delivering an excellent service.
Gerald is in -charge of the services at the dinning area and would like to invite you to come and enjoy the experience that our staff has to offer.

Lando Hooi

Lando started working with Driftwood Restaurant when we opened in 1986.

A few years later, Lando went to live in The Netherlands for over twenty years but when Lando came back to Aruba in 2009, he immediately re-joined the team of Driftwood Restaurant.

Andrew Franken

Andrew is currently in college and found the opportunity to become a part of the Driftwood. He followed the steps of his older brothers who also worked at Driftwood before they went off to college.
Andrew is very friendly and enjoys talking to our guests about their countries and cultures.